Mountain Biking Instruction Program

Introduction to Mountain Biking: Skills + Ride Sessions at Rothesay Netherwood Fall 2020

Skills + Ride Sessions are designed to help participants practice the fundamental skills required to participate in the adventure sport of mountain biking both efficiently and safely. Our certified Instructors motivate our students in a safe environment, help them to build trust, provide encouragement, and improve their mountain biking skills.


GCO2 - Students will acquire the competencies needed for safe participation in a variety of outdoor experiences. SCO 2.2 - Students will apply the necessary skills required for safe and comfortable participation in a variety of physical activities.

SESSION 1 - September 23rd

2 hours

Safe Riding Practices

Our certified Instructors will help the students identify the proper gear, understand how to navigate a new trail network, identify trail grades, complete a bike check prior to each ride, know how to ride within their own limits, and understand good trail etiquette.

Operation of Controls

How to control your speed and brake without skidding & change gears and achieve proper cadence.

SESSION 2 - September 30th

2 hours

Body Positioning

How to maintain an equilibrium between stability & balance when you are climbing, on flat terrain, and when descending.

SESSION 3 - October 7th

2 hours

Terrain Awareness

How to achieve flow and efficiency through awareness of upcoming terrain and the line choices available.

SESSION 4 - October 14th

2 hours

Direction and Pressure Control

How to peak and push over small features & corner properly.

SESSION 5 - October 18th

4 hours

Field Trip to Minto Trails

Please note, it is the sole responsibility of Rothesay Netherwood School to transport the students to and from any meeting locations.

Certified Mountain Bike Instructors:

Globally, there are two associations that are recognized as the standard for certification of Mountain Bike Instructors; Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association, and Bike Instructor Certification Program. Specific for youth, the Sprockids Program is recognized as the standard for certification of Youth Leaders.

Sam, Owner | Certified Mountain Bike Instructor/Guide

Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association - Level 1 Certification

Sprockids - Mountain Biking Youth Instructional Leader Certification

Mountain Bike Atlantic - Project Manager

Bachelor of Science, High Honours: Geography with Concentration in Physical Geography and Minor in Geomatics

Emily, Certified Mountain Bike Instructor/Guide

Bike Instructor Certification Program - Level I Certification

Biology, Environmental Science and Outdoor Education Teacher at Harbour View High School (ASD-S)

Bachelor of Science of Kinesiology, Bachelor of Education and Masters of Environmental Management

Trail Builder Lead - Saint John Cycling Club


Please refer to our Cancellation Policy, and Gear List (below). By registering, you agree to the Cancellation Policy and to arrive to the event prepared. Please note, your Instructor can refuse your participation in an event if they deem you to be unprepared or unsafe. Being prepared and safe on the trails is integral to a great riding experience!

Please sign our online Release Agreement (Waiver) by following the link below or by clicking on the Release Agreement tab under the Menu. You must sign the Release Agreement in order to participate.

Be Rad Adventure Company reserves the right to cancel events at any time for safety reasons.

We can't wait to see you on the trails!

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Thank you! You have been registered for the Mountain Biking Instruction Program at RNS this Fall 2020! We sent an email to Sam, so she will be in touch with Mike Carpenter to be sure the students are well prepared for the Sessions! Please be sure to sign the electronic Release Agreement (Waiver) prior to the first Session on September 23rd. Thank you!

By registering, you agree to the Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

By registering, you agree to arrive for the event prepared.

Gear Checklist

By registering, you agree to the terms listed in our Release Agreement (Waiver).

Release Agreement (Waiver)