Staying Rad During a Pandemic

April 2020

Contributed By Lindsay May

Welcome to the first blog post from the crew at Be Rad Adventures! 

Like most of you, our spring plans have changed as we practice social/physical distancing and are working from home. We have pressed pause on our Spring 2020 events but are putting this extra time into developing some more rad adventures for summer and fall! This does not mean that we are going to sit still until then- the Be Rad Crew has put together some ideas to help you stay active, healthy and safe at home! Remember to always follow your local community’s rules and guidelines for practicing social distancing and keep up to date on closures from reliable local news sources.

Get outside!

  • Although many local parks have closed down there are many other ways to get out and explore safely. This could mean a drive in the evening or simply a walk around your neighborhood. It might not be our first choice for an afternoon adventure, but right now, we are fortunate to still be able to go outside, even if it is just our own backyard! Remember to be courteous if you are walking outside and pass people with a 2m distance.

Dust the bike off!

  • A lot of local riders spent the winter in the woods with their fat bike and studded tires. Spring is here and that means that the regular riding season is coming. While we wait for our current situation to resolve and parks to reopen, you can take this time to learn about your bike and prep it for spring and summer riding! Call your local bike shop and get that tune-up scheduled. 
  • Hesitant about mountain biking? Be Rad Adventure will be hosting Skill and Ride sessions with our two certified Mountain Bike Instructors in Saint John this spring! We are also working on offering these Sessions in other trail communities, so stay tuned. You can always reach out to us if you would like to see us visit your home trail! These Sessions help participants learn basic skills and get comfortable on their bike before heading out onto mountain bike trails. Check out photos from past events, and keep an eye on our Events page for new locations and dates.

Find those running shoes!

  • The sidewalks are finally clear of ice and slush and the weather is great for a good sweat without overheating. You are guaranteed to feel better after a run, even if it is quick! We have already laced up our running shoes to take a moment to get out of the house. There has been a surge of people getting outside to run to break up their day. Even in this time of unknown, it is uplifting to see other runners outside and waving at each other (from a distance!). Be aware of how you are passing people- if you are faster, it is polite to run around people and give them at least 2m of space.

Workout at home!

  • Squats, push-ups and body-weight activities can go a long way when the gym is closed! We have been busy getting active at our own homes and sharing our workouts with each other. The commitment of even 20 minutes a day can make a huge impact on our mental health. Follow us on Instagram for workout ideas and inspiration.
  • Some local businesses and online influencers are posting workouts and live videos to follow along from home. This can be a great way to feel connected to the community while not being able to leave the house. Many people are offering these for free, so donate if you can!

Stay social and stay connected!

  • Being social right now doesn’t mean hosting a kitchen party but we can still be part of our community through social media. Remember, we are all at home and there are lots of options to get active, dance, talk and meditate online. The Be Rad Crew have been chatting daily through instant messaging and video chats to keep planning new ideas but also just talk with friends! So many GIFs...
  • Stay connected with your riding, running, trail building and adventure buddies to make future plans using virtual group chats! We cannot actively participate in these activities right now but we can take the time to brainstorm and plan new ideas. Did you have an idea for a new trail or were you thinking about how you wanted to run that extra distance this year? This could be a great time to discuss what you want to accomplish and make some new 2020 goals.

Having something to look forward to can help your mental health! Be Rad Adventures has postponed our events, but we are still looking ahead and you can too. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep informed and check on our Events page for updates to dates and locations. Registration will only open once recommended to do so by Public Health.

We can all find comfort that we are experiencing this unknown time together but we are certainly stoked about seeing each other on the trails again!

The Be Rad Team

Sam, Emily, Lindsay, Lauren, Lydia, MJ, and Greg